rheingold institut: Clarity through depth psychological insights

Really understand consumers, successfully position your brand and communicate a convincing story: With depth psychological market research, we take a look behind the emotional scenes, offer unadulterated insights into psychological relationships and thus offer you optimized recommendations for action.

30 years of experience, around 5000 in-depth interviews conducted annually and a highly qualified team provide insights that can be translated into concrete measures such as campaign management, product development or strong brand building.

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In this way, we help you understand the secret message of your brand and successfully navigate the markets. We also combine quantitative surveys with depth psychological research. Digital methods such as the specially developed rheingoldArena have been part of our DNA for years.

The rheingoldfeatures

Over time, we have continuously optimized our own rheingold methods and tools and supplemented them with digital and agile elements. You won’t find this anywhere else.


rheingold Insights

The rheingoldInsights are selected articles and press releases from our world of qualitative market research. Read insights from recent studies, all about the latest trends and what impact this has on markets and brands. Have fun reading.

rheingold ConceptLap

The ConceptLab – testing and optimizing concepts in real time

rheingoldConceptLab.Creative processes run in real time and are tested and optimized in parallel…

Innovation development with rheingold

It is a good time for tackling innovation again - especially with the Covid19 crisis coming to an end.

rheingold Webinar Corona and Purpose

Corona and purpose

How brands can become a lighthouse in times of crisis and why promises of sustainability are…


rheingoldSprint®:digital – economical – direct

NEW: The rheingoldSprint® - ideal research tools for the contactless corona phase. Fast, pragmatic, economical.

Generation Z – TikTok: Hot or not?

Especially The Gen Z loves TikTok. More than 5 million users already use the app in Germany, and 1…

Generation Z – adolescence

Today, Generation Z often lives in a sheltered gaming paradise until the mid-20s: they experience a full supply and over-supplied life more than previous generations. Die Eltern sind meist tolerant und fürsorglich.

Baumarkt und Gartencenter - Studie

DIY and gardening – sources of self-efficacy

The DIY store and the garden center offer tools for handicrafts and planting and are thus sources…

Judith Barbolini

Hold and inspiration for brands

Reliability and consistency are important signs for consumers in times of crisis. Especially brands that people have been familiar with since childhood can make use of this insight.

Judith Barbolini

Rheingold Institute rejuvenates its management with Judith Barbolini

The rheingold Institute is rejuvenating its management: Judith Barbolini (36) has been…