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The Corona crisis has a far-reaching impact on almost all areas of life. Many self-evident things will be broken up, and a new normal will develop. Especially in the current contact limitation, new forms of togetherness, communication, leisure activities, shopping and consumer behavior are shown. It can therefore be assumed that brands will also have to meet different needs and requirements in the medium and long term than before.

It will be crucial to know people’s current and perspective needs and expectations of their brands and then to serve them in a coherent manner.

Insights, Orientation and Options for Action

rheingold offers to analyse and evaluate the impact of the Corona crisis on consumers in general and on industries, markets and brands in particular:

1. A Life with Corona

  • How do people live with the crisis? What strategies are developed for day-to-day and crisis management?
  • What are the uncertainties and fears? What hopes and desires do you have in the face of this?
  • How does the perception and assessment of the Corona crisis change over time?

2. Perception of your target groups

  • How are communication and advertising currently perceived and evaluated?
  • What are the best practice examples? What succeeds here or what is negative? (messages, formats, actions, etc.)
  • Which Do’s & Dont’s should be considered?

3. Industries, markets, brands.

  • What role does your industry play in the current time? What are the contact points?
  • What are the actions of the different industries? How are they rated? Best Practice?
  • How are the services and offers of the industry participants currently perceived and evaluated?

4. Options and recommendations for action

  • What are the current opportunities, potentials and risks for your brand?
  • How should you currently approach and respond to customers?
  • Which messages and services are in demand?
  • What development (even after the crisis) should you prepare for?


Expert assessments of the impact of the Corona crisis on industries and brands

Based on desk research, social media queries and our extensive expertise in the various industries, we provide expert assessments of the impact of the Corona crisis on your industry and brand.
Changes, problems and opportunities for your brand can be derived from the findings of pre-crisis research and the psychological impact relationships analysed. The insights, ideas and recommendations developed by rheingold will be discussed with you in a video workshop. We also work together to develop ideas for possible actions, messages and initiatives during the Corona crisis.

Included services

  • rheingold deskResearch®
  • optional: rheingold socialListening®
  • Management Summary and (Video) Presentation Workshop
  • Budget: € 8,000<
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Targeted study of the impact of the Corona crisis on your industry and brand

More far-reaching insights are achieved with a study that specifically deals with the impact of the Corona crisis on your industry and brand: How do the changes in the worlds of life, relationships, attitudes and value-setting affect your industry and brand? How are brands, communications and messages in your industry specifically perceived and evaluated? Best practice analysis, evaluation of ideas for measures, messages or services, generation of insights and inspirational springboards for your brand,your product categories and communication channels.

Included services

  • Planning, organisation and implementation of qualitative and/or quantitative exploration
  • optional rheingold videoInterviews and Groups®
  • optional rheingold quant500® or quant1000®
  • optional rheingoldSprint®
  • Reporting and presentation workshop
  • Price: please ask
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#rheingold coronaMonitor®

Regular research waves to monitor changes in the market during the Corona Crisis

Regular execution of research waves (2-weekly or monthly)to continuously monitor the changes in the market through the phases of the corona crisis (mood, needs, openness to speech). The settings can be varied in each wave depending on the question. Whether qualitatively with rheingold videoInterviews and groups® or quantitatively with rheingold quant500® or quant1000® (questionnaire survey including open questions: purchases, advertising contacts, etc.) or combined with digital research formats:diarys, consumer blogs, consumer chats, voice messaging.

Optionally, we can install a rheingoldPanel® with 60 participants. Continued accessibility of the target group for spontaneous ad hoc questions via video interviews or groups, chats, voice messaging, etc.

Included benefits per wave

  • Planning, organization
  • Recruitment & Incentivization, Guide Development, Implementation
  • Programming and testing
  • Development and programming of questionnaires
  • statistical analyses
  • Analyses, reporting, presentations
  • Price: please ask
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The rheingold expert

Sebastian Buggert

Sebastian Buggert

Sebastian Buggert has a degree in psychology and is a member of the management board at rheingold. His research focuses on trade, the media, and the service and finance industries. He is an expert in the field of digitization and has been intensively involved for a long time with the influences or opportunities of digital change, both for markets and for qualitative market research. Phone: +49 221-912 777-34 E-Mail: buggert@rheingold-online.de