The rheingold Institute investigates the impact of the Corona Crisis on markets, brands and society

Since the outbreak of COVID 19, the world has changed every hour. The rheingold Institute has constantly investigated and monitored this process and its effects. In addition to the social changes, the focus is on the consequences for markets and brands, especially in terms of the buying and user behaviour of the consumers concerned. On this page, we have compiled the insights that cover the impact of the Corona Crisis.

Psychological Corona measure tape for commercials

Judith Behmer on commercial recipients who pay close attention to whether the distance rules are…

How do your customers tick in the Corona crisis?

Emergency aid for brands and businesses. Get the advice of rheingold experts on questions and…

Exhibitions Coronavirus

CORONAVIRUS: Corona censorship doesn’t hurt fairs

"Next year there will be a craving for any major event," Stephan Grünewald said of the Coronavirus

CORONAVIRUS: Excitation is faster than the pathogen

People face a threat from coronavirus that they can't see, smell, taste - with an invisible enemy.

Generation Z – adolescence

Today, Generation Z often lives in a sheltered gaming paradise until the mid-20s: they experience a…

rheingoldSprint®:digital – economical – direct

NEW: The rheingoldSprint® - ideal research tools for the contactless corona phase. Fast, pragmatic,…

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