How brands can provide support and inspiration in a Pandemic

Reliability and consistency are important signs for consumers in times of crisis. Especially brands that people have been familiar with since childhood can make use of this insight. “Brands with tradition come with the inherent promise of being able to survive crises,” according to rheingold psychologist Nicole Hanisch in Germany’s marketing magazine Horizont.

However, communication measures should not be limited to messages of perseverance. “In the meantime, it has become very clear to everyone that COVID will accompany our lives for longer after all, and that a simple wait-and-see approach and reassuring consolation are not enough,” says Hanisch.

In addition to offering comfort and emphasizing reliability of the tried and true, advertisers should take advantage of the changed situation of consumers. Many people have switched to a kind of survival mode. They have developed a “COVID routine with everyday survival strategies” that enable them to cope with their daily lives despite a narrowed radius and concentration on their immediate home environment.

In this context, brands could encourage, inspire and offer orientation to consumers. They could also work with people to show ways into a better future, for example through the topic of sustainability. “In this sense, brands are more in demand than ever, and consumers are once again very happy to enter into a dialogue with them.”

In this regard, advertising is also very much in demand, she said. In general, brands are currently experiencing a renaissance, says the Rheingold researcher. This is because brands often offer more support, reliability, inspiration and orientation than private labels and start-up brands. This advantage should currently be used. This advantage should currently be used.
As an orientation anchor, brands could also emphasize their role model function: “They teach, motivate and support the re-designing of everyday life. They model how to bring the restaurant home, travel in the bathtub, keep the family together, work against everyday’s frustrations and create little highlights until life as we knew it finally gets going again.”

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Nicole Hanisch

Nicole Hanisch, a certified psychologist, is a member of the rheingold management and has been successfully working for the institute for several years. Her research interests are in the areas of trade and food & beverages. Tel .: +49 221-912 777-11 E-Mail: