Hybrid exploration – The rheingoldArena®

The new rheingold exploration method rheingoldArena creates a focus group scenario that generates a potentiation of insights through the live connection of the analog and the…

Brands – as signposts of the (new) everyday life

Brands can point the way in the current phase like a GPS transmitter and make meaningful offers for the new everyday life.

The new obedience – how advertising in podcasts works best

Podcasts can create a high level of connection and loyalty among their users as well as bring about changes in behavior.

Corona and purpose

How brands can become a lighthouse in times of crisis and why promises of sustainability are misleading in these times.

Consumption in Crisis Mode

Consumers yearn for support and confidence in the future and brands can deliver.

Cross-industry growth opportunities – taking advantage of the increased importance of sports and outdoor industry

New corona-related motivations and needs from the sports and outdoor sector hold cross-industry growth opportunities.

Psychological Corona measure tape for commercials

Judith Behmer on commercial recipients who pay close attention to whether the distance rules are adhered to.

How do your customers tick in the Corona crisis?

Emergency aid for brands and businesses. Get the advice of rheingold experts on questions and recommendations about the corona crisis.

rheingoldSprint®:digital – economical – direct

NEW: The rheingoldSprint® - ideal research tools for the contactless corona phase. Fast, pragmatic, economical.

Shopping of Gen Z – First Class and Second Hand

The discussion about the video of the Youtuber Rezo, on the destruction of the CDU, made it clear how different younger and older generations are and above all also communicate.

CORONAVIRUS: Corona censorship doesn’t hurt fairs

"Next year there will be a craving for any major event," Stephan Grünewald said of the Coronavirus

CORONAVIRUS: Excitation is faster than the pathogen

People face a threat from coronavirus that they can't see, smell, taste - with an invisible enemy.

Generation Z – adolescence

Today, Generation Z often lives in a sheltered gaming paradise until the mid-20s: they experience a full supply and over-supplied life more than previous generations. Die Eltern…

Generation Z – TikTok: Hot or not?

Especially The Gen Z loves TikTok. More than 5 million users already use the app in Germany, and 1 billion worldwide. German users call TikTok on average 10 times a day and then…

Generation Z – New Kids on the Job

In the labour market, too, everyone is looking forward to Generation Z. It is celebrated as a source of hope to make companies fit for the future.

Generation Z – Google’s smart magic students

Gen Z has mostly heavenly starting conditions. They do not make the lack of experience of previous war generations. They grow up in safe conditions. Her parents are mostly…