Generation Z – TikTok: Hot or not?

Especially The Gen Z loves TikTok. More than 5 million users already use the app in Germany, and 1 billion worldwide. German users call TikTok on average 10 times a day and then…

Generation Z – adolescence

Today, Generation Z often lives in a sheltered gaming paradise until the mid-20s: they experience a full supply and over-supplied life more than previous generations. Die Eltern…

Gen Z - Part 3 rheingold

Generation Z – Rezo factor positive or we are the better adults

The discussion about the video of the Youtuber Rezo, on the destruction of the CDU, made it clear how different younger and older generations are and above all also communicate.

Gen Z - Part 2 rheingold

Generation Z – New Kids on the Job

In the labour market, too, everyone is looking forward to Generation Z. It is celebrated as a source of hope to make companies fit for the future.

Gen Z - Part 1 rheingold

Generation Z – Google’s smart magic students

Gen Z has mostly heavenly starting conditions. They do not make the lack of experience of previous war generations. They grow up in safe conditions. Her parents are mostly…

China News: 996 Online Revolt

The name "996 Work Pattern" refers to an unofficial work rhythm: it is worked from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, six days a week. Nowadays, such a rhythm of work in China is becoming…

Beertown Germany rheingold

High Noon in Beertown Germany?

Craft Bier ist schon lange eine feste Größe im deutschen Biermarkt. Die unendlich vielen Geschmäcker und Nuancen, die aus den eigentlich sehr limitierten Grundstoffen gezaubert…

rheingold institut Macht spenden glücklich

Does donating make us happy?

Wer anderen hilft, stärkt damit das eigene Selbstwertgefühl und empfindet das eigene Leben zudem als sinnerfüllter. Helfen macht glücklich.

Dream bubble vs. reality anchor

Movie-Study: Mediengroup RTL Germany and rheingold institute take a view on the change of video using in Germany

RILA Remote Food Study

The globalised culinary culture

On behalf of RILA Feinkost-Importe GmbH & Co. KG, rheingold, under the direction of Stephan Grünewald, has researched the status and opportunities of "remote food" in food…

Men's study rheingold

The Return of the Machos

Nearly a third of men today fall under the "type of lap dog", the Cologne rheingold Institute has found in a deep psychological male study.

Cocreation Workshops

Through the clients’ glasses – rheingoldCoCreation Workshops

rheingoldCoCreation is a new research method, to take a view with the eyes of the consumers.

Mediennutzung in China

Media usage and brand perceptions in China

There are fundamental differences in the way young adults China and Germany between the ages of 18 and 24 years use media, perceive brands and view advertising. Frank Quiring,…

“We’ve run out of visions for the future!”

Paradoxically, on the one hand, most people are doing well. But more and more people feel that the future is getting worse.

Strengthening Brands – The Brand Success Code

The success of brands today depends on five factors. This is confirmed by rheingold studies of the last 20 years. The starting point for successful brand management is the…

Rethinking target groups – constitutional marketing

As a concept, constitutional marketing opens the eyes to actual competitors, who often lie outside the supposed target groups of a specific product area.