Psychological Corona measure tape for commercials

Keeping a distance of 1.5 meters – especially in commercials, recipients pay close attention to whether the distance rules are being adhered to and have developed a psychological inner measuring tape for this in recent weeks. This is a finding of recent Corona studies by the rheingold institute. “The tense alertness can lead to a very narrow, tunnel-like view of what is happening, which only focuses on the lack of distance,” says Judith Behmer, a graduate psychologist and member of the management board. In the worst case, the real intention of the spot is even reversed.

The nuanced consideration of the differentiated relationship in which people and groups of people might be, for example in spots, gives way to an astonishingly simplified view – correct 1.5 meters or below? As in digital 0 and 1, it then shows whether the scene is worth paying more attention to. If the distance rules are not adhered to, for example, a scene in a commercial has automatically disqualified itself: too old, from another time or even grossly negligent and rebellious.

The new, limiting view also recalls the impact of the smoking ban in bars on the perception of films and series broadcast after the smoking ban. Quite a short time later, for example, all the series or “Tatort” episodes in which smoking took place in the bars seemed like a long-gone time and had aged by years, if not decades, within a few weeks.

Unlike the ban on smoking in restaurants and bars in many places, which is unlikely to be withdrawn so quickly, however, the new, internalized unit of measurement of 1.5 metres could – hopefully – be of temporary relevance. Advertisers therefore face a challenge. Spots with skin contact and party flair are taboo, too direct references to corona based bans are also not praised. But in between, creative gaps open up for brands – temporary, but perhaps doubly effective. Couples and families are at least not on the inner index and also the contemplative solitude in the cozy home, the garden or nature is experiencing a real boom.

Judith Behmer

Judith Behmer

Judith Behmer is a certified psychologist and member of the management at rheingold. Tel .: +49 221-912 777-64 E-Mail: