Rheingold Institute rejuvenates its management with Judith Barbolini

The rheingold Institute is rejuvenating its management: Judith Barbolini (36) has been strengthening the management team since January 2021. Barbolini has been working at rheingold for ten years and most recently served large clients in the areas of personal care and cosmetics, cleaning, living and tourism as Senior Consultant International Research. Since last year, she has been leading the concept workshop team at rheingold, which is developing new forms of visualization in the focus.

Judith Barbolini

One of its great strengths lies in international research. Barbolini, who grew up on an Italian mountain farm, moved her abroad early in her education. She studied languages and international communication in France, Germany and Italy and is a trained morphological impact researcher. Barbolini speaks five languages fluently, for rheingold she has already conducted research in more than 30 countries.

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Judith Barbolini

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