From Diagnosis to Prognosis – The rheingold Methodologists

Morphological impact research applies highly effective tools such as in-depth interview and psychological descriptions – in order to be able to grasp psychological connections in their entire complexity. In addition, rheingold has developed numerous methods and tools that complement each other effectively – qualitatively, but also quantitatively as well as analogously and digitally.

The focus lies on the rheingold interview®

What people state as their opinion in surveys is the end product of a series of unconscious processes. The morphological rheingoldInterview lays the way to psychic reality that hides “behind the scenes”®. Two-hour explorations reveal the unconscious mental efficacy and influencing factors that determine human behavior. Often with surprising results.

In individual or group explorations, the in-depth interview examines the mostly unconscious emotional efficacy that determines the behavior of consumers and recipients. The interviewee is encouraged to describe everything that comes to mind in connection with the subject in his own words. The interview thus becomes a joint research trip, all the while without losing structure and goal-orientation. The subsequent implementation and evaluation is subject to explicit rules and requires special training.

Discussions with rheingoldGroups®

Group discussions are a highly sensitive diagnostic tool that provides insights into complex psychologically relevant structures in the market. For our work, the rheingoldGroups® are a field of expression for conscious and unconscious dimensions of meaning. The mood in the group, the dynamics of conversation (sometimes even drama) as well as specific group phenomena reflect the secret logic and the rules of the game of the market.

Integration of qualitative and quantitative methods

Over the course of many years of gathering experience in the integration of qualitative and quantitative studies, rheingold has attained a high level of competence to design this interface with methodical optimality. The basis for us is sound qualitative-psychological research.

It is only through this research that quantitative studies can be designed to ask the right questions and measure the truly relevant categories. The goal for us, even with quantifications, is to gain the deepest possible understanding of markets, brands and products. Thus, our aim is to investigate the meaning that remains hidden behind ‘dry numbers’, and thereby uncovering the connections to desires, motives and wishes of consumers.

Our goal in qualitative-quantitative cooperation is to quantify the high quality of the qualitative-psychological rheingold study. Tailor-made research methods,  such as questionnaire design, formulation of items, and uniform holistic interpretation of all data, contribute to this.

Up close with rheingoldEthnology®

Whether guerilla research, mystery shopping, shadowing or site & situation observation – ethnographic tools are an important part of our market research philosophy. We accompany consumers to where they actually consume and use products and services. The morphological analysis then clarifies how people navigate, for instance, in an over-complex range of goods or select information.

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