The strategy afterwards – knowing where to go next.

A survey conducted in 2017 showed that, despite high gains in knowledge, more than half of the recommendations contained in all the studies carried out in Germany are not pursued further. Based on our own experience, this is because it is often hard to achieve the transformations a study recommends in a client’s operational setting. It is also because, even though the work of most institutes is thorough, they fail to delve into the content and impacts of research as deeply as we do here at rheingold.

In our studies, we engage intensively with your brands, products and markets. In addition to two-hour interviews with respondents, each study also involves a large number of analysis meetings and technical discussions amongst our experts. This way, during follow-up to a study, we can coordinate with you and our marketing experts to chart the right strategic course, developing relevant steps and working towards implementing them. Within your company, this ensures that a study not only provides information but actually becomes the point of departure for any relevant processes of adaptation required. We call this strategic consulting ‘rheingoldBridging’.

The bridging principle

Strategie Beratung rheingold











The rheingoldBridging approach to strategic consulting comprises strategy support based on the findings of the study, and it moderates the necessary processes involved. Through a series of workshops, this always brings us round to the strategic measures and concrete steps that make the study effective in the long term.

This puts you in a position to operate in ways that make strategic sense, taking relevant decisions with compelling argumentation and called for by the results of the study.

Bridging the gap

With rheingoldBridging, the action-oriented strategic advice we provide to our clients bridges the gap between solid empirical findings and their concrete implementation in everyday marketing.

This is how we join you on the path towards successful action.

  • In-house and external marketing specialists who accompany the studies from the evaluation phase and reporting through to optional workshop modules
  • Detailed analysis of study topics in terms of relevance and feasibility within the company
  • Developing strategic adjustments in positioning
  • Defining a medium- and long-term communication strategy as a guide for future decision-making in marketing and advertising.
  • Workshops and reviews
  • Our comprehensive experience and overview of markets, cultures and consumers

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Kai Wulff

Kai Wulff supervised and accompanied the rheingold Institute and many of his clients over 8 years. As an excellent marketer and strategist, it unfolds its effect when strategic and operative measures are to be designed and implemented - often on the basis of a rheingold study. Tel .: +49 221-912 777-0 E-Mail: