Co-creating concepts in virtual teams

Technology and digital tools have made our daily work in our home offices nearly seamless, however, the creative radius seems to have shrunk at the same time. Germany’s innovative minds are stewing in their own juices at home. We at rheingold noticed this through the high demand for virtual labs, our digital platform to co-create concepts in collaboration with our clients and their customers in an agile process. Before the pandemic, these labs happened almost always in an in-person setting while we now successfully conduct them also in either fully virtual or hybrid settings.

Most of our labs are conducted in one or two days, in focused, inspirational team work environments supporting the creative translation process of insights into actionable measures.

The concept ideas get tested in focus groups and in-depth interviews in terms of their relevance for the specific market and optimized in an iteration process speaking to the sometimes unconscious needs of consumers. rheingoldLabs are not only an opportunity to take a deep dive into consumers’ mindsets to co-create psychologically sound concepts but also have the side effect of strengthening the team spirit and smoothing the way for the inspired transition into marketing action.

rheingoldLabs are flexible tools applicable to verbal concepts, communication ideas, positioning or product innovations. The team of rheingold psychologists will work with their clients to optimize to be tested stimuli to lay the groundwork for developing psychologically relevant concepts ready for implementation. Creating a client team consisting of a variety of stakeholders involved in the implementation process can help optimize concepts that will not only meet consumer needs but also follow internal guidelines.

The deep dive into consumer mindsets through concepts can also provide a foundational background for the following implementation process as driving motives and relevant market criteria will be revealed.

Examples of research topics often covered in rheingold projects:

  • Foundational research, psychological mapping of markets and motivations
  • Segmentations, target group analyses
  • Customer journey, purchase decision processes, media behavior, touchpoint analyses,
  • Advertising impact research and communication optimization
  • Image studies, brand core analyses, positioning and purpose development
  • Innovation and product development
  • Quantifications, driver analyses, conjoint analyses
  • Product innovations, product testing, taste testing
  • PR studies

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Stephan Urlings

Stephan Urlings

Stephan Urlings, psychologist, is Managing Partner and Head of International Research. His work focuses on market and impact analyzes in the fields of consumer electronics, online media, energy and finance. Tel .: +49 221-912 777-18 E-Mail: